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About Us

Who we are?

As a young, ambitious, and dedicated team, we would like to contribute to the national capacity building in Qatar and establish an innovation-driven, system-oriented, and solution-focused start-up nested in University ecosystem.

Our uniqueness comes from the team and their expertise in the field. Being in university ecosystem allows us to attract right talents and deliver solutions meeting the industry needs with cutting-edge practices derived from frontiers of sustainability research. Furthermore, having a local well-connected founding partner is an important competitive advantage to reach potential clients and establish trust-based professional relationship. Our team has already acquired some funds from the industry for developing sustainability reporting and solutions. Being in the market allows us to validate what clients expect and update our services accordingly.

What we offer?

For any organization who are environmental and socially responsible we offer cutting-edge automated and scalable, value and purpose driven sustainability assessment and analytics services.

S3Lab develops data-driven sustainability analytics and solutions for the public and private sectors. Our team will develop scalable solutions for organizations and our products will be data, software, sector-specific analytics/reports, and training/capacity-building programs to enhance the economic, social, environmental, and governance-related sustainability of enterprises. 

Unlike existing sustainability assessment practices, our service provides flexible, cost-effective, holistic, and purposeful sustainability analytics service. S3Lab provides the following solutions to the companies: